'The 50 States Project' Album (PRE-ORDER)

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Pre-Order of the 'The 50 States Project' Album CD

Album will be released early 2025, CD's will be made and sent as soon as the project is done! The art shown is a temporary placeholder until the final art is released! 

I'll be adding in an exclusive sticker for those who pre-order the project!

This is a great way to support the 50 States Project! 

The artists we have so far are:

Chris Webby for Connecticut, Abstract for Wyoming, Mark Battles for Indiana, Justina Valentine for New Jersey, Empty Atlas for Mississippi, Dylan Montayne & Alexx Cloud for New Mexico, Zak James for Montana, Yung Crusha for Ohio, Dakotah Faye for North Dakota, Jon Connor for Michigan, Spose for Main, Anxxiety for Utah, Sammy Adams for Massachusetts, Woody Pond for West Virginia, Jarv for Vermont, ChrispyD for New Hampshire, Rocco808 for Hawaii, PhatShayn for Kentucky, XV for Kansas, Drizzy Tae for Arkansas